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Fenrir Greyback
09 November 2013 @ 10:15 pm
[Fenrir is lounging in this throne made of human bones, one leg dangling off the arm rest, reading the Daily Prophet.]

Nothing 'bout me yet! Pah! C'mon, ickle Anita, I know yeh have it in you...

[But for now he's just going to flip the page, fart loudly, and start singing along with the tattered old boombox he keeps nearby. Right now it's Queen's "Under Pressure."]
Fenrir Greyback
01 August 2009 @ 12:38 pm
Meme from here

Song: Days Before You Came by Placebo

Characters: Rabastan Lestrange prettyakwrd and Fenrir Greyback

As a challenge, I gave myself a 250 word limit.


In costume, the Death Eaters advanced. They were in black robes and wore grotesque masks. The muggle village burned whilst they danced, screams reaching heaven.

Rabastan removed his mask as he stood over the body of a muggle girl, mad with the lust of it. He had taken her off this earth, but even in death she was beautiful. Pale curls spread out from her head like a blossoming wound. He stroked her hair with his wand, then his fingers.

“Oy, Rabby love, yeh shouldn’t be demasking!”

The gruff voice could belong to no other. Fenrir.

“I wanted to see her,” Rabastan replied quietly. “I wanted her to see me…”

“She ain’t seein’ nothing!” Fenrir said with a laugh.

“She’s beautiful… so beautiful…”

Fenrir cocked his head at Rabastan. “How much firewhiskey did yeh have before we left?”

“Enough!” Rabastan said, laughing himself, too hard. “It’s a party, Fenrir! It’s a bloody masquerade! I’m having fun! Finally! I’m having so much fun!”

“That’s me boy,” Fenrir cooed, stepping closer. “Yeh’re where yeh belong now… yer an animal at heart, ain’t yeh?”

Rabastan stared at Fenrir’s masked face. Long, greasy hair stuck out from behind it. Rabastan was suddenly very aware that the other Death Eaters had gone. They were alone.

Fenrir stepped closer, reached out his own hand. Dirty, long-nailed fingers reached toward Rabastan’s chubby face. Rabastan stood still allowing for one stroke, then pulled away. “We’ve got to find the others. My brother and sister.”

Fenrir followed, grinning.
Fenrir Greyback
21 June 2009 @ 10:10 am
Insert your name and "likes to" (all in quotes, e.g. "Harry likes to") in a search engine and post the first ten to pop up:

1. Contrary to popular belief, Fenrir likes to fall off of the world a lot.
2. Fenrir likes to be a werewolf, unlike Lupin, so he won't try to fight it.
3. Fenrir likes to use that acc/eva down debuff, and you need dual erase to get rid of it.
4. We know Fenrir likes to attack children, and why not the child that Voldemort hates so much?
5. I heard Fenrir likes to rape and eat babies though, so I'm gonna grind up more levels before I try to fight him.
6. So have your spellcaster healing constantly when they're not erasing the Blind and Silence effects Fenrir likes to throw at you.
7. Fenrir likes to taunt.
8. Fenrir likes to eat.
9. We know how Fenrir likes to get his fangs into young people.
10. And then Fenrir likes to fuck.
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